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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section is a list of your most common questions. We are here to answer your questions any time of day but before you contact support and sales see if we have already have provided your answer.

What is the difference between Home Care and Home Health?

Why is this a FAQ? Neither Home Care or Home Health really understand the others business so we wanted to break it down as best we could in a few paragraphs. The word Home Care often is interchangeable in the two industries however the practices are very different although often working with the same referral sources and even clients (patients).

Read more: What is the difference between Home Care and Home Health?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Apple-friendly?

Of course. In fact, 50% of ADLware users own a Mac. Whether you run an Apple, Linux, or Windows operating system, if you have the internet and a way to get there, then we have a solution for you. ADLware is a cloud-based tool, removing the frustration of softwares that dictate how you operate. We cater to all systems. For example, one of our client offices use ADLware on Linux for their office staff, Windows for accounting, and Mac for their sales team and owners' personal devices. And for when you're away from your desktop, iPad & Android tablets are ADLware friendly, too.


Frequently Asked Questions

“The Cloud”... What does that mean?

Q: When you say ADLware is in “the cloud,” what does that mean?

A: Cloud technology refers to data and programs that run completely online.  There is no physical location in your office where the program and information reside.  In the past, software needed to be downloaded onto a computer from a CD or from the internet.  ADLware runs in state-of-the-art data centers and is then accessible via the internet.  There is no setup or installation required.  If you have a web browser, you are ready to use ADLware.

We create for you a code that is unique to your company. You simply type in the web address, code and password, and you are in your own personal system that is secure and encrypted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Support

Q: How does tech support work with cloud services?

A: One of the greatest benefits of our home care software technology is that we can service any and all support needs remotely from our offices.  Meaning there's no need to wait to schedule an appointment far in advance and then wait for us to get to your office.

By logging into our system together, we will be able to see your screen and walk through any problems you are having right there with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Increased revenue with ADLware?

Q: How can you double your profits yearly?

A: With ADLware you can differentiate from your competition with services like 'Family Cares' Family Portal.  Family Portal allows the client’s families to stay connected with their loved ones with real time updates on caregiver shift logs and live care manager interaction.  This information can be accessed from a computer or any web-enabled mobile phone or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Increase your referral rate by 20%?

Q: Can you really increase your referral rate by 20%?

A: ADLware Home Care Software helps you to differentiate your services from your competition. Increase your referral rate with our CRM module complete with an IPhone/ IPad app that connects your sales team with up-to-date information on all of your referral sources and the clients they referred. Share the 'Family Cares' family portal with your contacts to demonstrate the power of open sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive alerts when caregivers are late?

ADLware lets you pre-empt angry client calls due to a caregiver arriving late or missing a shift with our scheduler alert system. When a caregiver does not clock in within 15 minutes of their scheduled start time, ADLware alerts you so that you can fill the shift and contact the client before it's too late.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any phone be used for mobile clock-in and out with your GPS Time Card feature?

This is a great question. We have tested many devices and found three popular phone operating systems to work best with our GPS Timecard feature: the iPhone, Android, and Microsoft Mobile. Also, the GPS Timecard is equally compliant with the Android GPS tablet and iPad. The requirement for the GPS Timecard feature is a GPS-enabled device and a Java script-enabled mobile browser, so as more technology products are released with these capabilities, you can bet ADLware will be there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you have scheduled server downtime or can we expect near-100% accessibility?

We want all of our users to rely upon near-100% accessibility of the system, with the exception of our scheduled maintenance periods. Currently, we have our server maintenance earmarked for Friday evenings form 11:30 PM to Saturday at 2:30 AM PST. However, we rarely use the planned timeframe unless a major system patch has been released from Microsoft. Occasionally, other system updates may temporarily send the system offline, but these updates are rare and are performed at off-peak times.

Up to twice a year, we may schedule prolonged periods of weekend downtime for recovery and failover testing to ensure that in the event of an emergency, we are prepared to recover quickly and efficiently.

You will be informed of any necessary downtimes in advance; and they will be scheduled at times where system use is minimal/unlikely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be sure my data is backed up?

ADLware take full protective measures to mitigate the risks of server corruption. We do nightly offsite backups to ensure data integrity and registration in the event of server failure or a disaster. We have both a failover data center in southern California and a fully capable test data-center in Virginia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What measures does ADLware Home Care Software take to ensure compliance with applicable HIPAA provisions?

ADLware is a HIPAA-compliant application. We we have gone to great lengths to meet the HIPAA level of privacy standards for security and data protection. All data connections to our servers are protected and encrypted, including our Family Portal, time-card entry through telephony & mobile GPS, iPhone app, and main system app. The ADLware application times out after 20 minutes of inactivity and requires a new login to continue.

Our data centers are protected by armed guards, and all data is backed up hourly and shipped offsite daily. In the event of a disaster, our failover data center will come online within 4 hours of a disaster.

So while we are a non-medical care system we walk a very fine line with our clients who manager Home Care and Home Health. Often we have and maintain PHI data and certainly PII in the system so we go to great lengths to ensure the security of data. 

HIPAA does note recognize any certification programs as it relates to Software and HIPAA security. (

So the question is not about "certification" but "compliance". ADLware is a HIPAA compliant system, however compliance is maintained by a blend of system and the Organization / Agency to manage via their internal Compliance Officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stop using ADLware in the future?

Q: What happens to our data should we stop using ADLware?  Can we download it in a useful format, does it then get deleted from your server?

A: The Client data residing in ADLware is your data, 100%. In the event you were to stop using ADLware in the future, as a part of our agreement, we will provide you all of your data at no cost in CSV, or excel formats. We have been careful to label our data well so it would be useful and understandable without requiring a complex data model diagram. We will also allow read only access to the system for a single user for 2 months at no cost and 25$ a month for that level of access beyond 2 months. Your data would be archived in our system once you are no longer accessing it under the free 2 month or extension agreement.  You may request it to be purged completely from our systems but must request this in writing. After 3 years of non-use, the archived data will be purged unless alternate arrangements have been made to purge early or to extend to a 7 year max.

Frequently Asked Questions

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