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Whether you are a startup or a large office, you need a software system that works for you. ADLware was built on a WEB 2.0 framework to get past the limitations of traditional office software.

Every ADLware user has a CHAT account, enabling your office staff to constantly stay in communication with each other online. No need to get up from your desk when ADLware is there to connect you with the cubicle next door.

Family communication is a major part of any health care business. Share important notes and messages of a clerical nature with your clients' families online through ADLware so you can save the meaningful family communication for your personal check-in calls and meetings. 

Caregivers represent the largest cost to your organization and the largest chunk of time consumed by your staff. ADLware provides a daily shift email to all caregivers of their next day's shift and location, as well as notes and special instructions for working with the client. This tool allows your office staff and caregivers to do more for less with our efficient task management process.

ADLware allows office administrators to send mass broadcasts to all of the caregivers, clients and other office staff. Send out reminders, HomeCare Software Web 2.0alerts, important messages, and shift requests all in a few short clicks. ADLware even allows office staff and those in the field to assign each other activity alerts with SMS.

ADLware provides robust alerting capabilities as well. Alert family members, office staff, and caregivers to important information such as client injuries and birthdays, and caregiver licensing expiration dates. ADLware is configurable so set up alerts and reminders for anything you can think of. 

Best of ALL, ADLware communicates the way you do. ADLware is built on a framework without limits. Let ADLware keep you fully aware of all your company needs. Just grab your device and go, knowing ADLware is always working for you.



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