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Caregiver Notify

ADlware Private Duty Caregiver Reminder

Shift Schedules:

ADLware sends out a daily email to all caregivers who have shifts the following day. These emails include all the the relevant information needed for a caregiver to provide quality care including the client's address, special shift instructions, daily reminders, and the ability to contact the office in the event of a change. Emails are all tagged with confidentiality notices to ensure the proper use of the system messages.

Cut down on the hassle of day-to-day calls, reminders, and printed schedules with ADLware-- your tool to spending more time on what matters most: providing quality home care.

ADLware Caregiver NotifyTM alerts caregivers to profile information that will soon expire in both their clients' and personal files such as drivers' licensing and automobile insurance and CPR or other certification. 


Protected Health Information (PHI)
Personal Health Information is passed in this email to caregivers that is protected: Name, Address, Phone number, and the shift notes area all protected. ADLware holds the position that the information passed contains information needed for the caregivers to do their job and no more. Under the regulation, "an employee may share or access a patient's information if it is necessary to perform a job. If, for example, it is a staff member's responsibility to read a patient's lab results, provide the patient with health-related counseling or relay the patient information to another employee, the staff worker may access this information but must only collect or share the minimum amount of information necessary to perform the job function." - eHow


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