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The ADLware application is located in the most advanced data center in the country, with systems managed by Zumasys. ADLware's application development team combined with the power and sophistication of Zumasys' Las Vegas data center provides our customers with speed, reliability, function, availability, and disaster protection. 

PHYSICAL SECURITY: The data center is protected by military-trained security with white noise protectors, steel lined walls, radio frequency shielding, retinal scanning, and all of the latest security features similarly used by government and financial institutions.

SPEED: ADLware’s strategic location in Las Vegas places the data center in the fast lane of the United States Superhighway with millisecond response times across the entire continent.  West Coast customers in Phoenix and southern California experience response times in less than 5 milliseconds, with the remainder of the US and Canada just fractionally higher.

RELIABILITY: The ADLware solution is a fully redundant system that is backed up hourly for catastrophic failure. Although, our clients' real-time data is also stored on multi-redundant SAN (Storage Area Network) hardware provided by NetAPP-- the leader in storage, transfer speed, and data integrity, which actually makes back-ups unnecessary. And rest assured, our data center's power capacity is only outmatched by its generator capacity. 30 cooling towers and 44,000 tons of cooling capability helps rank our Class 4 data center as the largest and most advanced data center in North America.

LOCATION: The Las Vegas location is strategically positioned to store and maintain your data. The Las Vegas area is the only North American "safe zone" from measured natural disasters, namely earthquakes, ice storms, tsunamis, tornados, power outages, floods, and nuclear power plant leaks. Disaster Avoidance

ADLware is proud to join the list of established technology leaders inside the Zumasys data center. Due to security requirements, additional information regarding the data center can only be found by accessing the website.

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