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ADLware HOME CARE SOFTWARE for APPLEADLware in the Apple App store brings Home Care Sales, Referral, Care, and Case Management into the palm of your hands.

Sales: Track your referral companies and contacts separately and get a count of the total referrals provided. Drill down and see those contacts and get there status and even shift schedule. Leave notes in the system for Companies, Contacts, and even your clients. Notes are available to your office staff immediately. View clients and caregivers and provide status updates to discharge mangers and on family visits. You can even assign ToDo's to yourself or office staff that alert then immediately in the system and can even automatically deliver a text.

Case Managers, Nurses, and Geriatric Care Managers can view the clients, diagnosis, care plan, scheduled shifts and assigned caregivers. Make notes available in the full online system immediately. Assign ToDo's for office staff, scheduling or billing.

Address, Phone numbers, email, and URL's are all fully integrated to the iPhone application proving seamless calling, website look-up, driving directions, and email communication.
ADLware Home Care Software iPhone App
Worried about security?
Secure encrypted data transfer and no data is stored on your phone allowing you to provide a secure HIPAA compliant access to the same Home Care software in your back office.

-Cellular or Wifi Connection during use.
-iOS 7+
-Current company subscription to ADLware and an active user account provided by your office administrator.

Ask us about all the benefits and see how much easier your business can run. Remove the integrations and run a single system for your entire office. Telephony, Mobile GPS TimeTracking, CRM, Scheduling, Payroll processing, Billing and QuickBooks integration with automated data feeds. Did we mention our SMS alerting and Family Access portal? Call us today or check us out in the App Store.



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