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Telephony TimeCards & Tasks

Many home care software systems use telephony, but no one has built-in telephony like ADLware.  With our telephony system you see real time results right in the system and on our Family Cares portal (online family portal).  You and your client’s families will have instant access to digital time stamps along with the activities that were performed by the caregiver.  This information doesn’t need to be manually downloaded at the end of each day like many other systems, but instantly appears as it happens right in your system.

I don't know how I ever managed without it. I stay better informed and offer a service my competitors can't. Transparency and Immediate Alerting -Florida

ADLware built in telphony


ADLware allows you to manage the creation of all of your tasks, create alerts for tasks performed, display that information in real-time for office use and family review. Client Injured? Caregiver Injured? Get an email and alert the second the caregiver reports it.

Some clients use our system to only report ADL's and others report everything from care tasks, to client mood and appetite. ADLware is your system, you set it up how you like.


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